Audits & Certifications

Audits & Certifications

At Prime International, transparency, responsible practices, and the well-being of our employees are at the forefront of our values. Through rigorous audits, we showcase our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Prime International proudly holds a prestigious Gold certification from the Leather Working Group (LWG). As a not-for-profit organization, LWG drives best practices and fosters positive social and environmental change within the leather industry. This certification underscores our dedication to building a sustainable future through responsible leather production.
Prime International is certified in the Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg-FEM) audit. This certification reflects our dedication to sustainable practices and responsible resource management throughout our operations..
Prime International’s leather grading is accredited by Satra. Our Prime quality inspectors are certified by Satra, ensuring expertise and adherence to international standards in leather quality assessment. This accreditation reinforces our commitment to delivering leather products of the highest standards and quality.

At Prime International, our employees’ well-being and development are paramount. We ensure to provide a fair wages, social benefits and a safe working environment. In our steadfast commitment, we go above and beyond by providing additional benefits like accidental and health insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the well-being and security of our valued employees and their families. We firmly believe that fostering a supportive and secure work environment not only enhances the lives of our team members but also strengthens our collective dedication to responsible business practices. Prime International holds certifications from Smeta on labour standards, health & safety.

Globally recognized brands have awarded Prime International environmental and social audit certifications. These certifications highlight our dedication to meeting the stringent sustainability and social responsibility requirements set by esteemed brands.

With a focus on sustainability and customer safety, we conduct rigorous chemical testing on our leather materials. Our dedicated team adheres to international standards and regulations, ensuring our leather products are free from harmful substances.

Leather Physical Testing Laboratory

Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, our Leather Physical Testing Laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology from Gotech. Operated by skilled professionals, we prioritize exceeding stringent quality benchmarks. With Gotech’s innovative testing solutions, our comprehensive services include Tensile testing for strength, Color Fastness assessments for vibrant hues, Martindale Abrasion for endurance, Vamp Flexing for flexibility, and Light Fastness for brilliance even in sunlight. Precision is our priority; Gotech’s cutting-edge Ovens ensure dimensional stability. Our commitment is clear: delivering leather products that inspire confidence in performance, durability, and aesthetics. Our Testing Lab is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

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