Building a Greener Future

At Prime International, sustainability is at the core of our values, as we strive to build a greener future for generations to come. Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility drives us to implement eco-friendly practices, reduce our carbon footprint, and contribute to a healthier planet. Discover our comprehensive sustainability initiatives, strategic partnerships and how we seamlessly integrate environmentally conscious approaches into every aspect of our operations.

Solar Projects

At Prime International, we lead the way in sustainable energy solutions, exemplified by our recent work on innovative solar projects. Our expertise in solar technology empowers us to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions, including

Water Heater

Harnessing the sun’s power, our solar water heater systems provide efficient and eco-friendly hot water solutions for a myriad of applications.
Reduce energy consumption and lower our carbon footprint while enjoying a reliable hot water supply.


Air Heating

Our solar air heating systems effectively utilize solar energy to warm and circulate air within our premises.
Experience energy-efficient heating while minimizing reliance on conventional heating systems, thereby reducing costs and promoting sustainability.


Solar Power

At Prime, we are proud to announce our progressive step towards sustainable energy with our Solar Group Captive Plan. Through strategic partnerships, we’ve started to sourcing 70% of our electricity from solar power. This initiative not only underscores our dedication to environmental responsibility but also positions us as pioneers in embracing clean and renewable energy solutions. By actively participating in this Group Captive Plan, we are not only reducing our carbon footprint but also contributing to the global shift towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.


Embracing cutting-edge technology and a commitment to sustainability, our dedication to process optimization is evident in every aspect of our operations by adopting environmentally friendly processes and advanced technology machineries, such as polypropylene drums and Auto Sprays. Through meticulous design and implementation, we have achieved substantial reductions in chemical and water consumption. This innovation not only underscores our dedication to operational excellence but also positions us at the forefront of sustainable practices within the industry.


Embarking on our journey towards enhanced transparency and accountability in the supply chain, we are proud to introduce our raw material traceability initiative on pilot basis at our subsidiary Marchino Leathers Private Limited. This pilot project is the first step in our commitment to enhanced traceability. We are actively exploring ways to expand the system, providing more comprehensive information to offer greater visibility into the sourcing and production of our leather products.